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The Act
The Act  2019
The Phoenix Incident
The Phoenix Incident  2015
Florence Foster Jenkins
Florence Foster Jenkins  2016
First Man
First Man  2018
Goya s Ghosts
Goya s Ghosts  2006
Bernie  2011
The Blind Side
The Blind Side  2009
Million Dollar Arm
Million Dollar Arm  2014
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent  2014
The Damned United
The Damned United  2009
Joy  2015
The Gabby Douglas Story
The Gabby Douglas Story  2014
The Front Runner
The Front Runner  2018
Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent  2014
World Trade Center
World Trade Center  2006
Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor  2013
The Walk
The Walk  2015
Legend  2015
Victoria  2016
The Devils Mistress
The Devils Mistress  2016
First They Killed My Father
First They Killed My Father  2017
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody  2018
All Eyez on Me
All Eyez on Me  2017
Whitney  2018