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Sharpes Rifles
Sharpes Rifles  1993
Time Limit
Time Limit  1957
Sarahs Key
Sarahs Key  2010
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame  1996
Mohawk  2017
Stalin  1992
Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame
Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame  2007
Giovannas Father
Giovannas Father  2008
Mr. Pip
Mr. Pip  2012
God Is My Co-Pilot
God Is My Co-Pilot  1945
Secrets of War
Secrets of War  2014
Hondros  2017
Six  2017
Ben Hur
Ben Hur  1959
The Last Command
The Last Command  1955
5 Days of War
5 Days of War  2011
Lebanon  2009
The Exception
The Exception  2016
Rendition  2007
Force 10 from Navarone
Force 10 from Navarone  1978
Hitler: The Last Ten Days
Hitler: The Last Ten Days  1973
Linhas de Wellington
Linhas de Wellington  2012
The 300 Spartans
The 300 Spartans  1962
The German Friend
The German Friend  2012