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The Pact II
The Pact II  2014
The Shrine
The Shrine  2010
Last Shift
Last Shift  2014
Apartment 143
Apartment 143  2011
We Are Still Here
We Are Still Here  2015
Altered  2006
Exeter  2015
The Canal
The Canal  2014
Session 9
Session 9  2001
The Pact
The Pact  2012
The Innkeepers
The Innkeepers  2011
A Haunting in Salem
A Haunting in Salem  2011
The House of the Devil
The House of the Devil  2009
The Intruders
The Intruders  2015
The Final Girls
The Final Girls  2015
Intruders  2011
Anna and the Apocalypse
Anna and the Apocalypse  2017
Robot Overlords
Robot Overlords  2014
Stung  2015
Cooties  2014
Future X-Cops
Future X-Cops  2010
Detention of the Dead
Detention of the Dead  2012
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse  2015
Dead Before Dawn
Dead Before Dawn  2012