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Vampire in Vegas
Vampire in Vegas  2009
Come Out and Play
Come Out and Play  2012
Insanitarium  2008
The Tomb
The Tomb  2009
Cockneys vs Zombies
Cockneys vs Zombies  2012
House IV
House IV  1992
Twixt  2011
Requiem  2001
Dark Circles
Dark Circles  2013
White Settlers
White Settlers  2014
The Tommyknockers
The Tommyknockers  1993
Rogue River
Rogue River  2012
Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection
Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection  2012
Leprechaun: Origins
Leprechaun: Origins  2014
Two Eyes Staring
Two Eyes Staring  2010
The Manitou
The Manitou  1978
Arachnid  2001
Tooth and Nail
Tooth and Nail  2007
Sand Serpents
Sand Serpents  2009
2 Hours
2 Hours  2012
Infected  2012
Hwa-i-teu: Jeo-woo-eui Mel-lo-di
Hwa-i-teu: Jeo-woo-eui Mel-lo-di  2011
Rosewood Lane
Rosewood Lane  2011
Seventh Moon
Seventh Moon  2008