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Barbarossa  2009
Bright Star
Bright Star  2009
Viva Zapata
Viva Zapata  1952
Harem Suare
Harem Suare  1999
Dances with Wolves
Dances with Wolves  1990
Executive Action
Executive Action  1973
The White Dawn
The White Dawn  1974
Waltz With Bashir
Waltz With Bashir  2008
Rasputin  2011
Victory at Entebbe
Victory at Entebbe  1976
The King And The Clown
The King And The Clown  2005
H.M.S. Defiant
H.M.S. Defiant  1962
The Tudors
The Tudors  2007
Anzio  1968
I Believe in Miracles
I Believe in Miracles  2015
Shooting Dogs
Shooting Dogs  2005
Inside Deep Throat
Inside Deep Throat  2005
Fat Man and Little Boy
Fat Man and Little Boy  1989
The Pacific
The Pacific  2010
The Lost City of Z
The Lost City of Z  2016
Clash of the Gods
Clash of the Gods  2009
Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution
Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution  2005
The Big Short
The Big Short  2015
New Worlds
New Worlds  2014