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Man Thing
Man Thing  2005
The promise
The promise  2005
Project A
Project A  1983
New Police Story
New Police Story  2004
Wake of Death
Wake of Death  2004
Alexander  2004
U-boat:In Enemy Hands
U-boat:In Enemy Hands  2004
Bloody Mallory
Bloody Mallory  2002
The White Dragon
The White Dragon  2004
Godsend  2004
Rise  2007
The Sin Eater: The Order
The Sin Eater: The Order  2003
Shaolin soccer
Shaolin soccer  2001
Daredevil  2003
Kingdom of heaven
Kingdom of heaven  2005
Open Range
Open Range  2003
Ladder 49
Ladder 49  2004
Into the Sun
Into the Sun  2005
Deep Blue Sea
Deep Blue Sea  1999
The Guardian
The Guardian  2006
Snakes on a plane
Snakes on a plane  2006
Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Trek: Nemesis  2002
King Solomons Mines
King Solomons Mines  2004
Domino  2005