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Communion  1989
War Games: At the End of the Day
War Games: At the End of the Day  2011
247 Degrees Fahrenheit
247 Degrees Fahrenheit  2011
Wong Jorn Pid
Wong Jorn Pid  2012
Mutant Girls Squad
Mutant Girls Squad  2010
An American Ghost Story
An American Ghost Story  2012
Primeval  2007
Amphibious Creature of the Deep
Amphibious Creature of the Deep  2010
The Reverend
The Reverend  2011
Cybernatural  2014
Sick Nurses
Sick Nurses  2007
Seeding of a Ghost
Seeding of a Ghost  1983
The Disappeared
The Disappeared  2008
Mohawk  2017
Kaw  2007
Aliens vs. Avatars
Aliens vs. Avatars  2011
The Mansion
The Mansion  2017
ParaNorman  2012
An American Haunting
An American Haunting  2005
Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep  2002
The Frankenstein Theory
The Frankenstein Theory  2013
The Butterfly Effect 3 : Revelations
The Butterfly Effect 3 : Revelations  2009
Riding the Bullet
Riding the Bullet  2004
Bad Taste
Bad Taste  1987