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The Robe
The Robe  1953
Warriors of the Dawn
Warriors of the Dawn  2017
City of Life and Death
City of Life and Death  2009
An Adventure in Space and Time
An Adventure in Space and Time  2013
Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain  1969
Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures  2016
Malena  2000
Public Enemies
Public Enemies  2009
Virgin Territory
Virgin Territory  2007
Sunshine  1999
Black Venus
Black Venus  2010
La Danseuse
La Danseuse  2016
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  2017
Behind Enemy Lines
Behind Enemy Lines  2001
Amadeus  1984
Beneath Hill 60
Beneath Hill 60  2010
Treasure Island
Treasure Island  2012
Woodstock  1970
Three Kingdoms:Resurrection of the Dragon
Three Kingdoms:Resurrection of the Dragon  2008
The Mission
The Mission  1986
Alleged  2010
The 13th warrior
The 13th warrior  1999
Woman in Gold
Woman in Gold  2015
Catch a Fire
Catch a Fire  2006